SE UCH Excerno Sancha (Sancha)


Sancha is a Perro de Agua Espaņol, which is a very old Spanish breed used for herding, hunting and water retrieving. A Perro is a rustic dog very responsive and easy to learn and loyal to their owners. It needs exercise and stimulation, and both enjoy and are good at the time. I got Sancha as a Christmasgift 2011 when I missed a sheepdog to have "around the legs" and that emptiness she has filled.

Born: 2011-10-24

Hips: B, Eyes: UA
PRcd-PRA B and NAD normal

BIS as a puppy
SE uch (Swedish show champion).

Pacomoronc De Ubrique ES CH SE UCH
Curioso De La Ribera Del Genil
Beto De Valdeperales
Paka De La Rivera Del Genil
Gordolunah De Ubrique Mokelassog De Ubrique
Rancholocad De Ubrique
Cakecandyc De Ubrique Cakeb De Ubrique Keo De Ubrique
Campi De Ubrique
Gordrubib De Ubrique Mokelassog De Ubrique
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