Dainty's History

In all these years, we have had the privilege to own and/or breed many wonderful Golden retrievers. A lot of the dogs have excelled in the show ring and up to now our dogs have won more than 180 cc`s and numerous Group and BIS placings/wins at the shows. It is impossible to mention them all, but on the following pages a few of the dogs that have had a major impact on the progress of this kennel are presented.

Apport´s Dainty  - 68

It all started more than 30 years ago with the arrival of my first Golden retriever puppy, "Dainty", Apport’s Larry Jr / Apport’s Buttercup from the old Swedish kennel Apport’s. The year was 1968 and the kennel was named after this little puppy.


Apports Cauliflower  - 70

Two years later, Apport’s Cauliflower arrived. "Candy" had 3 cc’s to her credit and become the foundation bitch in my kennel.

Davern Fergus - 71

Fergus Camrose Tallyrand of Anbria / Camrose Pruella of Davern, arrived from the famous British kennel Davern and consequently was bred by Mr and Mrs C. R. Lowe. He did quite well in the show ring himself picking up 3 cc’s, but his major impact was as a stud dog. His progeny has won more than 35 cc’s.

Nuch Dainty´s Daydream - 72

"Fanny" was a daughter of Candy and Fergus. She gained cc’s and several Group-placings during her show career. She was also the mother of several top-winning dogs and can be found in a lot of the pedigrees in our present dogs.

Nuch Stenbury Seamusic och Sealord - 74

The littermates Seamusic and Sealord were sired by the famous ch. Camrose Cabus Christopher and bred by the legendary Mrs Minter. Both of the dogs had extraordinary show careers, for example was Seamusic Best in Show at SSRK´s first club show in 1976.



Sealord was BIS-3 at Stockholm Int, 1977. At the age of 10, he made a comeback in the show ring and won the breed and was Group -reserve at Stockholm, Int in 1983.

Nuch Alseras Capello  - 73

"Pillow" was a son of the legendary ch Camrose Cabus Christopher and he quickly obtained 3 cc’s. His most impressive time in the show ring was, however, as a veteran when he for two consecutive years won Best Veteran in show at the most prestigious show in Sweden, Stockholm, Int. In 1981, at 8 years of age, he was n:o 5 Dog of the Year in Sweden and also BIS at SSRK´s Club show.

Djurtorps Angelica  - 75

Angelica Alseras Capello/Knegarens Dominie had 3 cc’s and become Best in show-2 at the Club Show.

Dainty´s Pretty Face  - 78

"Simona", was a daughter of Djurtorps Angelica 3 cc’s, and a grandchild to N.ch Alseras Capello. Besides having 3 cc’s and also being a BIS-winner she was a marvellous brood bitch and was, to mention a few, the mother of D. West side story, 3 cc’s and BIS-winner at the Club show, D. Windflower cc, BIG-2, D. Belle of the Ball, 3 cc’s BIS-2, D. Having it All 4 cc’s, BIS-2, D. How about that, 3 cc’s and D. Hot Gossip, 2 cc’s.

Dainty´s Having it All  - 83

"Cain", a son of Dainty´s Pretty Face and Dabess Orlando, had 3 cc’s and BIS-placings. However, his major impact was as a stud dog with a number of successful puppies for example -Guldklimpens Olga the Comtesse, Friendships Gaiety Girl of Inassica and N ch Dainty’s Royal Touch.

Dainty´s West Side Story  - 80

"Nalle" was a son out of Dainty´s Pretty Face and Westley Michael. Besides his 3 cc’s he was Best in show at SSRK´s clubshow in 1985.

Chrisper Caleidoscope  - 83

"Lance" Camrose Fabius Tarquin/Chrisper Cassiopia had 3 cc’s and BIS-placings. He was the father of several successful puppies, both in the show and obedience ring to mention a few: obedience Ch Dainty´s Wild Orchid and the littermates Gay-Delight and Starlight, both with 3 cc’s to their credit.

Gyrima Moongleam  - 75

"Jasco" Nortonwood Faunus/Gyrima Pipparetta arrived to our home when he was a veteran at the age of 6 1/2 years and started his rather late show career a year later. Still going strong at nearly 13 years he was in 1987 both BIS-3 veteran at Sofiero championship show and best male at the Golden retriever club’s Open show at Örenäs.

Dainty´s Dream about music  - 82

"Debbie", Gyrima Moongleam/Dainty´s Sound of Music, 3 cc’s was a daughter to Gyrima Moongleam and also a grandchild to Stenbury Seamusic.

Gyrima Viktorria  - 86

"Viktoria", arrived as a very appreciated X-mas present to my wife in 1986. She was by ch. Sansue Golden Ruler and out of ch. Portcullis Greetings of Gyrima. Viktoria won 3 cc’s and was BIS twice at SSRK - shows.

Dainty´s Carbon Copy  - 93

"Ellen" was one out of two puppies by Shanlimore Falcon / Dainty´s Rule Brittania. Besides having 3 cc’s herself and being a BIS-winner, she is mother of SV-2000 SU(u)Ch Dainty´s Claim to Fame, Dainty´s Current Choice (2 cert), Dainty´s Cause for Applause (Ck, Best bitch Goldenspecialen-2000) SU(u)Ch Dainty´s Cracked the Code and Su(u) ch Dainty´s Copyright.

Shanlimore Falcon  - 91

"Mark" wasa son of GB sh ch Stirchley Saxon and out of Shanlimore Breeze and bred by Mrs Edwards,UK. Mark had three cc’s to his credit, but his major impact has been as a stud dog with numerous cc-winning progeny. Mark was top stud dog in 1999.

SU(u)Ch Dainty´s World Class  - 95

"Cagney" was by Shanlimore Falcon and out of Gyrima Viktorria. After a slow start to her show career, she finished in style gaining 3 consecutive cc’s twice with BoB ather only three outings in open class. In addition, she was placed group-5 in Linköping. She gained her championship in the autumn of 2003 in a very much enjoyed outing in the veteran class.

Dainty´s Raindance  - 94

Shanlimore Falcon / Dainty´s Roses Forever. "Mercedes" was sparingly shown, but hold despite this fact a cc with bob (Swedish kennel club).

Goody-Goodys Doris Day  - 94

Roussbourne Loyalist / Goody-Goody´s Dame Fame "Doris" had two cc’s and is the mother of SU(u)CH Dainty's D-Day, SU(u)CH Dainty's Dancing Wave, SU(u)CH Dainty's Dream Mate and SU(u)CH Dainty's Dancing Water.


Dainty's Clame to Fame  - 1997


”Flame” was a daughter of our Ellen and had-like her father Okej’s Explosive Symphony- a very happy temperament. She was Swedish show champion and in year 2000 Swedish winner and bob at Stockholm international. As a veteran Flame was BIS at Nåntuna Open Show in 2005.In 2007, 9 1/2 years old, Flame was reserv-BIS at GRK's open show in Vellinge and in the same year BoB Veteran in Hasslarp. At the Golden retriever clubs club show (161 dogs) she was second best bitch and BIS-veteran. Dainty’s Flame of fame is her daughter by D. Day.


SU(u)CH Colbar Step Ahead (Kevin)  - 1999


Kevin was bred by Barbara Keighley in England. He was Swedish show champion and father of several champions and cc-winners both here and abroad.


SU(u)CH Dainty's Cracked the Code (Cody)  - 1999


Cody was a lovely bitch with lots of ”will to please”. She was Swedish show champion and was both BIS-2 at GRKs open show in Vellinge 2008 from the veteran class and 3:a BT and BIS-veteran at GRKS open show at Örenäs 2008. She is the mother of su(u)ch Dainty’s Calls the tune and the “surprise puppy” C’est la vie.


SE U(u)CH Dainty's D-Day (Jacob)  - 2000


Jacob was a son of the lovely brood bitch Doris Day. Doris was mated to Begoras Mendelsson because we wanted a male puppy out of that combination. Doris produced a number of bitch puppies and only one male pup-Jacob, but what a puppy! Jacob was Swedish show champion and was as a puppy BIS at GRK:s Open show and was during 2004 BoB and Group-2 at the Swedisk kennelclubs show at Lövudden and BIS at SSRK:s cc-show in Iggesund. After a leave for 3 years Jacob returned to the show ring at the Golden retriever clus Club show at Örenäs in 2007 and was BIS among 161 dogs. At nearly 8 years of age, Jacob was BoB and Group-5 at the Swedish kennelclubs championship show at Sofiero in 2008. A dog never forgotten.


SE U(u)CH Dainty's Dream Mate (Matthew)  - 2001


Matthew was sold, but a late cancellation made him stay with us – something we never regretted. Matthew was a true gentleman and also half-brother to Jacob. He was Swedish show champion and has a number of successful puppies. Tragically we lost him hastily and unexpected much too early.


SE U(u)CH Dainty's Jacobite Rose (Pepper)  - 2001


Happy and temperamental Pepper was Eva’s favourite. She was a daughter of our lovely Julia and never a dull moment was her way of living. As beautiful as she was entertaining she was Swedish show champion, best bitch at Stockholm Int in the spring of 2005 and BoB and BIS-2 at Skokloster in May the same year.
At only 9 years of age she had an inoperable osteosarcoma, but her daughters Mocca and Cobra carries the fag onwards.


SU(u)CH Lamier's See I Told You So (Tommy)  - 2003


Tommy arrived as a puppy from kennel Lamier’s. He quickly became Swedish show champion and had several BIS placings to his credit. After several years retirement his was shown at the age of ten at The Golden retriever clubs open show and went BIS. As a stud dog he had a great influence producing beautiful, friendly progeny with great working capacity – just like himself.


Chinnordale Passing Glance (Terry)  -  2003-07 - 2014-11


Terry arrived as a puppy from kennel Chinnordale. He didn’t enjoy dog shows very much and was therefore only showed twice as a junior winning his class both times with cq. As a stud dog he had several lovely puppies and both children and grandchildren carry on his legacy here. In his mid age Terry moved two our friends Britt-Viol and Erik where he lived with Jacob’s son Jeppe.


SE U(u)CH Dainty’s Flame of Fame (Hazel)  -  Born: 2003-05-05


Hazel was a daughter of the lovely dogs D. D-Day & D. Claim To Fame. She had a wonderful personality and was a succesful show dog gaining her title as well as going BIS at GRK’s open shows. She was a great producer and she can be find in a lot of todays pedigrees due to her successful sons.


SE U(u)CH Dainty's Calls the Tune (Tuva)  -  Born: 2005-04-21


Tuva was a daughter to Chinnordale Passing Glance and D. Cracked The Code. She was a lovely itch and sometimes she enjoyed showing herself off, thus gaining her show champion title as well as several BIS at GRK’s open shows, the last time as a 9 year old veteran. She has several succesfull daughters for example D. The Sound of Silence and D. The Divine.